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“ The World Is Ours”

Recorded live @ Moorhead School during my Fall 2011 residency thru

1. School Rep by Andre

2. The Ocean by Angelica

1. School Rep by Andre

3. My River by Byranna

4. Blessing The Lord by Daaunte

5. Realize by Daaunte

6. Souls Bleeding by Daaunte

7. Blazin’ by Jania

8. Free Spirit by Jania

9. God by Jania

10. Keep Livin’ by Jania

11. Don’t Mess With Me by Kacey

12. Mom by Kaylee

13. Head Lice by Kevin

14. God Say’s You’re Someone by Lexus

15. My Heart by Lexus

16. My Song by Lexus

17. Never Let Go by Lexus

18. No Doubts by Tyshwan

19. Rapid Fire by Tyshwan

20. Setting Off by Tyshwan

21. #1 Syndrome by Tyshwan

22. Anger by William

23. Think Before Acting by William

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