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Dr. Spin
“The World’s Only All Vinyl D.J.”

“Our Credo”
“No Fog. No Lasers. No Chicken Dance.”

“Our Motto”
“It Doesn't Have To Be Good To Be A Classic!”

This sign is now at the entrance of Williamsburg Apartments where

Dr. Spin lived from the 6th grade till he graduated from Arlington H.S. in 1970. There were no stereos in cars at that time...AM radio was king.

WIFE. WLS, and Randy's Record Mart on WLAC. Pearson’s Platters in Devington and Lyric Records in downtown Indianapolis were the purveyors of wax...

Dr. Spin still plays many of the very 45‘s and LP’s he bought in the 60’s.

Dr. Spin on Halloween.

Dr. Spin and the illuminaudio.

Dr. Spin brings over 500 records to all gigs.

A small portion of the Dr. Spin library and archives.

Dr. Spin plays only vinyl.

Dr. Spin is not an oldies show. Not “classic rock.”  Just the best music ever recorded. Honest.

Dr. Spin brings over 500 records to a gig. 2 turntables and a microphone. Great speakers.

Actual 33’s and 45’s. 12” and 7” pieces of musical history and unique new releases.

You can select your favorite song and Dr. Spin will play it for you. Or, bring your own records.

Remember where you were when you first heard that song? Who you were with? How you felt?

Dr. Spin is a music producer and a college professor by day.

Dr. Spin teaches classes on “The Beatles”, “Rock and Roll” and “Pink Floyd” at IUPUI and Marian.

Dr. Spin also helps people heal with music.

Come to a Dr. Spin event and feel better. Remember your musical past. Discover something new!

Below are a few Dr. Spin fun pics...

Above: Dr. Spin at home...

For a good time call Dr. Spin at 317-506-0669

Dr. Spin hard at work...

I'm in with the Spin crowd


I go where the Spin crowd goes

Smee's Place Bar & Grill


I'm in with the Spin crowd


And I know what the Spin crowd knows

1454 W. 86th @ Ditch


Anytime of the year

Fridays 7-Midnight

Don't you hear?

Dr. Spin, The World’s

Only All Vinyl DJ

(Havin' a ball)

Dressin' fine, makin' time

We breeze up and down the street

1454 W. 86th @ Ditch

We get respect

From the people we meet

They make way day or night

Fridays 7-Midnight

They know the Spin crowd is out of sight

I'm in with the Spin crowd


I know every latest dance


When you're in with the Spin crowd


It's easy to find romance

(Get down)

At a spot where the beats really hot

Smee's Place Bar & Grill

(Where we are bound)

Reservations Suggested


If it's square, we ain't there

We make every minute count, yeah!

Our share is always the biggest amount

Other guys imitate us

But the original's still the greatest!

Dr. Spin, The World’s

Only All Vinyl DJ!

Yeah! (Yeah!)

Thanks to Cool Bob for all the Dr. Spin flyers!

Cool Bob “ heads up the Dr. Spin

Art Department in New England, USA.

Hello Spin Crowd!

I want to take a minute to tell you about Smee's Place, the home of Dr. Spin,             every Friday from 7 till 10:00.

Smee’s Place is on the North-West corner at 86th and Ditch in the shopping center.                                There is plenty of free, secure parking.

This is not a "nightclub" venue. It is a family friendly, neighborhood restaurant. That means children are welcome. There are tables, booths and bar seating. No cover charge. No Smoking.

Smee's has a full menu with nightly food and drink specials. There is a full bar. You can come by for a meal, dessert, or just hang at the bar for drinks. Some do all of the above.

The staff is friendly and attentive, and Tim "Smee" the owner is likely to come by your table and say hello.

Dr. Spin,"The World's Only All Vinyl DJ" plays only the finest in rock, jazz, blues, reggae, classics and new releases. You can make a selection from the hundred's of records Dr. Spin brings every week, or even bring in your own favorite LP, and Dr. Spin will play it for you.

Join the Spin Crowd. Fridays at Smee's Place.

Eat. Drink. Listen. Enjoy!

Reservations are suggested, especially for larger parties. 317-876-0202.

Tell them Dr. Spin sent you!

Click above to hear Dr. Spin on the radio with Michael Smerconish.

Dr. Spin was on the Michael Smerconish show 3/15/11 and shared vinyl thoughts…

@ Smee’s
Fridays 7 to 10!
Click here to go to Smee’s site and see the menu, etc.
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Laura Steele of Q95, etc. joins the “Spin Crowd” at Smee’s.

Katy Perry and Dr. Spin!

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Dr. Spin shares the secret to opening your vinyl.

Dr. Spin at Ruth’s Chris Steak House

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