Douglas Babb is an adjunct professor at Marian University.

He has been teaching

“The History of the Beatles”


“The History of Rock and Roll”

since 2002.

Contact: 317-506-0669


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“Dear Professor Babb - Last night's class was so awesome.  I have enjoyed every single class so much but last night had special meaning for me.  I now have even more respect and admiration for musicians and artists now that I have a small taste of how involved and intricate the recording process is.   

I loved hearing all the individual tracks but especially enjoyed hearing the tracks of the Beatles voices without the instruments.  So cool.  I was mesmerized. Thank you very much for bringing in all of your equipment.  Have a great weekend.”

Below are some student comments from the Fall 2010 Teacher Evaluation for MUS 252,

The History of Rock and Roll.

What were the most valuable aspects of this course/instructor?

  1.     I loved this course! Music is very important to me and I’m        

      thankful for classes like these!

  1.     Very knowledgable.

  2.     This course was a lot of fun. I enjoyed Mr. Babb’s personal

      stories about concerts and stuff.

  1.     Great Class! Thank you Mr. Babb.

  2.     Professor Babb is very passionate about music and it shows.

      I believe it rubs off in each of us. Even if the class doesn't        

      interest you, he will.