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Douglas Babb presented a day long workshop on Music Technology, Moog, Theremin, Bernie Krause, GarageBand and more on 7/15/12 at IUPUI. Students from the greater Indianapolis area participated as part of The Young Innovators Quest by Health and Science Innovations.

They made a quick song as part of the experience which you can here above.

Click here to visit their website.

Dear Professor Babb,

Young Innovators Quest would like to thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your work in Music technology. We appreciated seeing your work with the Theremin and Moogs.

The students benefited from learning basic recording skills, so they can further express their creativity. You got some students interested in music for the first time and gave others new skills to continue exploring their creativity, and as a student mentor, I would like to thank you for opening their minds to the importance of being multifaceted.

The work on Wild Sanctuary demonstrates the ability to combine the seemingly unrelated fields of ecology and music, which we would like to show the students as they pursue their interests.

We hope to continue to grow our involvement in the future. Thank you again.


Haleigh Eppler

Student Mentor